Tuesday, June 29, 2004


OBW is this weekend, supposedly to be quite grand to mark MCOBA's 75th anniversary celebration (doesn't mean anything to all but 3 people in this batch ha ha). The latest survey shows that not only most people are not attending, they are not even aware.

This year's OBW could well be one of the very few OBW where the batch which is supposed to celebrate the 10th anniversary is no where to be seen.

To those going, whoever you are, just behave properly. Fazurin ran into such a big trouble when we were in Warta KPKM in 1993, when this one old boy (who apparently is a super big guy in MCOBA nowadays) came down hard on us lecturing about the origins of Malays to God knows what, because Fazurin had the guts to criticise the old boys who did not show any respect whatsoever to tahlil and azan, in Warta KPKM. So unless you want to become the very people we criticised and loathed so much back then, please behave.

(As to what had happened to those people who were vociferous on such issues back then - is another story altogether ha ha).


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