Saturday, June 05, 2004


Was in Kangar (Syed Putra) for a week with koleq's debating team. Koleq must have had the highest coach:debater ratio in the whole tournament - 1:1, that if you do not include the teachers. There were 8 debaters from 2 generations of koleq debaters with the team - my thanks to all of you who sacrificed one week to be with us, wherever you are by now.

It was a week full of hopes which ended with an air of sorrow. Very poignant. The boys worked really hard for it - they have the makings of a champion, all the right ingredients were there.

BM lost in quarter final whilst the English team lost in semi final.

Back to drawing board although the old boys (Fazurin and I from Class of 94, the rest from Class of 90,93,95 and 2000) especially myself - are not sure whether we are fit to continue this. We are too old...

I did tell the boys in a closing remark after the result was announced - "If we are robbed of what rightfully ours because of prejudice and injustice, then let them answer to God. If we lost because of our own doing, then we need to do some soul searching as we cannot repeat the same mistakes in the future. Whatever it is - it will continue, someone will take over where some of us had left. If it takes another 10 years to win both the trophies, then so be it..."

Koleq won basketball after 11 years of defeat - something to be proud of.

Koleq's camp was engulfed in sadness because the whole world seems to be turning against us - as always. One of the teachers just could not stand the treatment the boys received that she walked out right in the middle of a function whereby koleq boys were being booed on stage.

Something never changed....

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