Saturday, December 18, 2004

Addition to the Family

Just received the news that Aini (Pejal's wife and Ameba's colleague) had delivered a baby boy last night - presumably healthy. Whether or not this latest addition to Pejal's family is as vertically challenged as his father (and mother in fact) remains to be seen in future years.

So Pejal is not going to Radin's wedding, but since I will be in KL after all tomorrow for the wedding, I might just drop by to see Aini and Pejal and the boy (they might want to adopt me as the godfather - but combination of moi and Pejal, kalau budak tu masuk koleq, habis lah....)

Boleh tahan jugak si Pejal ni, already into his second offspring, considering he spent most of his adult life kat koleq with the F1s and F2s (to be precise, certain groups of F1s and F2s). I half expected nama Pejal appeared in *P offender list in the UK ha ha.....

Anyway Pejal, congratulations - may your son lagi jambu, tinggi dan bijak compared ngan kau (but as kind as you are ha ha - nanti merajuk pulak budak sorang ni..)

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