Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Radin's Wedding Etc.

The best persandingan photo that I managed to get that day (sigh!), more photos here

Was in KL last weekend to attend Radin's wedding - since a huge turn out was expected. Well quite a lot did turn up, but the most celebrated guests that day were two gentlemen from my own dorm - Mior and Champ - who (maybe to send clear messages to us single people of what it was like to be married men) put on batik shirt for the occasion. If you want to look for patriotic citizens, go no further - here you have two young gentlemen who took Kak Endon's cause to their hearts ha ha

The wedding was OK, although I had a feeling after a while other guests were a bit irritated with us shuttling from one table to another taking pictures and making a lot of noise. Budak koleq being budak koleq, sensitivity to other people's feeling is never high on agenda when they get together - a classic example was budak koleq crying their hearts out saying good-bye to batchmates and juniors at train station at the end of each year (KK folks must be one of the most patient people in this country to have been able to stand budak koleq's antics all this while).

Most people turned up with their family, so it was more like a family reunion. We were joined by two ladies (I wanted to say elderly nice ladies, but then that would be offensive to them if they ever read this ha ha) at our table, so Suri did not waste any time working up his chat up line with the elderly ladies. I was very glad that Suri's profession as a professional salesman came in handy since I was not really interested to be diplomatic and nice to people I don't know that day.

The joke of the day was on chicks (or the lack of it ha ha - it's not the normal chicks story, but can't disclose it here since it would not be nice). Mior was expecting me to come up with a "10-things-that-spoil-your-wedding", with "lack of chicks" coming top on the list.

Meeting Mior again was perhaps the most significant event of the wedding. I just found out at the wedding that he is leaving Malaysia for good to find greener pasture in Sydney, Australia. Mior and I were very close since we were Form 3 being in one dorm and all, but something happened in our final year that we parted different ways since then, never even saying proper good-byes to each other during our last days. I was hoping that we could catch up after all these years now that both of us are back in Malaysia, but life takes unexpected turns when you least expect it. Anyway Mior, we wish you all the luck and joy starting a new life in Sydney where you used to call home, and please pass your e-mail so that we know where to head to if we happened to be in Sydney (this is the actual reason for the nice words - guaranteed free accommodation when we are in Sydney ha ha)

Radin looked OK - Kichi' must have been so proud.