Sunday, December 12, 2004

Langkah Bendul

I was at Tropicana with Allen last night, attending a wedding dinner of one of Fadli's good friend (Keng). Fadli couldn't make it and since all of us were acquaintances when we were in London (Keng is settling down in London for good), so we had to honour her invitation.

Anyway, that is not the subject for this post.

During our twilight years in London - young fresh graduates in first employment - we (the budak koleq of this batch in London) had a small Malaysian circle of friends, which include Shima and Aya, sisters to one Zamir Abdul Rashid, our F1 back in koleq (Class of 98).

So it was good catching up with Aya again (Shima couldn't make it to the wedding reception for personal reason). She came with her husband. Alicia (another friend from the London circle) was also at the dinner.

I nearly choked to death with the giant meatball stuffed in my hungry mouth when Aya told us of Zamir's wedding in March next year!

Even our juniors of four years in koleq are all getting married and (presumably) settling down, and some of us are still jumping around as if it's no one's business. Our species is fast becoming extinct - and although I keep telling people with a straight face that we are perfectly happy pretending that we are still 16-year old Form 4 students, there was sometimes this longing to settle down (I contradict myself here).

But it's fast becoming a trend, this langkah bendul thing. Bobby (Fadli's brother) is getting married in July next year, leaving Fadli the only bachelor in his family.

Of all the groups, the Petronas batch half (as we called ourselves - those who went straight to the UK in January 1995) is the most left behind in this kahwin-kahwin thing. Only Fly has got married and in spite of 10 girl friends in 2 years, Jita is still teruna trang tang tang (virgin ke tak, ask him).

So next week we are going to Radin's wedding, I am sure tonnes of people will turn up with their wives.

Luckily when I met Zadin last Raya, he was complaining how he was finding it difficult to get into a relationship or getting a girlfriend - to which I promptly replied (on behalf of Sharap too...) "Kalau Zadin pun payah nak cari girl friend, fat buggers like us ni memang have no chance in hell laa of ever settling down.."

That is going to be my standard reply after this when the Cepu Mas question is asked - so Zadin you better stay single for another 10 years...

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