Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Koleq's PMR Result

From the few sources I managed to consult so far, it was quite a disaster.

PMR result was announced today. I had not read the full result in newspapers or elsewhere but this is what had trickled through from Kuala:

- the result was a far cry from last year's or previous years' (apparently, according to my few sources), with only 69 people (a mere 58.9%) obtaining straight As. Although the full nation-wide ranking has not been announced, MCKK is bracing for the worst.

- fortunately, one student, one Ikhwan Zaki appeared to be one of the top 25 candidates in Malaysia. It remains to be seen how candidates from other schools fared, it would have been quite an embarassment if other premier schools have more than one candidate in the top 25 ranking. Otherwise, it would be quite a relief, selamat water face koleq...

- according to another source, koleq has always managed to produce more than 80 straight As every year. So 69 is a very worrying figure.

This remains a hear say until the final result is fully announced, although don't expect it to dominate the newspapers what with the country only beginning to see the real extent of the calamity of the tsunami wave.

We do not want to produce robots - although one non-MCKK guy and a much superior person by designation in my organisation once confided that he always believes (in his words) that "MRSM products can be the GMs and managers, but the CEO will always be the MCKK boys" - this kind of shock does not augur well, especially knowing the kind of study regime these kids go through nowadays.

One of the teachers SMSed me that something is definitely wrong and something needs to be done quickly - but are those with the amanah and responsibility to do something about it (and the power and means to do it too), are doing anything?

No use to point fingers, but an honest evaluation is needed - otherwise we should kiss the 100 Years Celebration goodbye and fashion the occasion as the first and last centenary celebration koleq ever had, for with the way koleq is going, maybe it is not worth to remember it at all fifty years down the line..

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