Saturday, January 08, 2005

15th Anniversary, Birthday Madad and Fido

Noni Kapet:

Pejam celik pejam celik, we are already old, getting very old.

15 years ago exactly at this moment, one Mohd Nizam Ustaz Md Daud thought he was fashion icon personified when he decided to put on the white short, long stocking etc. for registration at Prep School's Common Room. Fadli was also as kepoh from day one, I remember thinking sapa laaaa yang bising2 ni, macam dia sorang je baru register....

And malam tu Neng Yatimah (Ratu Menangis cerita Melayu 60an) pun kalah kalau nak lawan Rosdan nya sok sek dalam katil ha ha

How time flies.

Happy birthday to Madad too - it must feel horrible getting a wake up call in the first week of each new year to remind you that you are the oldest in the batch (although to Madad's compliment, you don't look like one maaa....)

This is especially interesting to Mpro and Co. yang proud sangat tak ramai this batch join MCOBA, sebab dalam diam-diam, Fido (yes, Firdaus Abdul Monir) had offered his service to MCOBA to maintain MCOBA's website. Not only he was one of the few members from this batch, website MCOBA pun dia maintain. Sia-sia lah sapa yang dok baik ngan ******* before, last-last Fido jugak get in the good book (although not in my good book, since Fido haram nak offer any help at any time whatsoever to maintain batch nya website since 1996 sampai laa ni.....).

Read this, Fido kena caught red handed:

Salam & Salutations,

Dear all Budak Koleq (or Kolet),

The URL:

Just to inform that this official MCOBA Website is finally up and is
being regularly updated by Sdr. Firdaus (MCKK Class of 94) of TM Net.
I have browsed it several times and the page, contents and navigation
are quite good. It also has links to other MCKK/MCOBA-related
websites/egroups. However, I still can't fathom how to register my
User ID and password to `login'. Could anybody enlighten me on this?

Cheers & best regards,

Zaim Al-Amin
E28, MCKK Class of 84
Mohd Shah House


sure ke 6th of January?
all this while aku ingat kita masuk on the 5th..
sure or not?


Congratulations Fido !! we can't stop people to do good things ... and I
have to admit this is really a good sign of our batch punyer involvement
dalam MCOBA...he..he..pas nie..boleh rasuah Fido ..suruh include banyak skit
citer pasal batch kita dalam web...!! ha..ha..ha... probably Fido looking on
a bigger picture... tak nak kacau daun..batch kita...with the exception of 'Dato Fadhil'...yang lain miskin lagi... so nothing much boleh get in return...

So instead of criticize people...aku yang tak masuk lagi MCOBA nie...
terpaksa tabik spring kat cucu Andek Kelawo nie... ha...ha..ha..

Noni Kapet:

woi wong, nak gi join mcoba join la woi... selamba je perli perli aku.... apa lak criticize Fido, tu kurang sikit je dari aku maki Fido (and still lepas nama kena mention, nama mak kena mention, Fido tak bersuara, sad day for orang Bugis, kalau Tun Razak or Daeng Merewah ni dah datang menghunus keris)...




TUA kah kita ??


sape yang speret MCOBA giler babi nie... ada orang lain nama firdaus kot yang maintain website diaorang... aku takde lah sesperet tuh..hehehe.. lembu punya susu..sapi dapat nama..


take it this way la - ada budak batch lain yang teringin sangat join batch kita sampai sanggup ngaku class of 94.. ok?

takpun budak 9296 tapi keluar lepas form 3.. class of 94 gak la kan?


thank you thank you, secretnya aku guna susok (betul ke spelling?) dan avoid menjadi bapak orang

btw, tulah amatlah sedihnya dah tuo, and was hoping no one would noticed. Kat sini takde sapa tau my DOB.... sedih sangat sob sob.


After much debate, Fido's innocence was proven. Someone came forward to point out that it was not Fido, but now Fido is mistaken as a websmaster for another website pulak. The only voluntary work Fido pernah buat kat koleq dulu was urut kaki orang, but then itu pun for some other privilege ha ha....

Naman (Class of 93):

Salam bro zaim,

In actual, the site is updated by a team of webmasters, lead by me @ Nazman(Class of 93, MS) of TMNet. Other members include Malik Maulud @ Mat Poen, Nazli (92) of Mimos and Uchin (95) of Celcom. Firdaus is the webmaster for the CCDay website at

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    first time aku tulih ni...

    kau dah berapa Dan dah? aku dgr 3.... sca cakap