Thursday, January 13, 2005


Ha ha who would have thought the boy with the kelambu short who was my deskmate in Jackpie's class in F1 would be this hairy? I am quite sure he was hairless back then (not that I checked personally)

More reviews on these guys, courtesy of Ayie (Class of 98).

* I realised our F1s' (F5 98)presence in the blogging world is quite commendable - there's a few that I added to the list. I used to steal (or borrow, depending what's your intention ha ha) their grub, which they generously put on the window sill for all to take. They used to smell as well (I mean their dorm, I didn't go and smell them personally - have I been giving hints that can lead you to conclude that I am a pervert?), the normal smell you get from F1 dormitories. A few from that batch (especially Nuddin and Shaw) I meet quite regularly, Nuddin works 10 minutes away from my house and Shaw is my lunch partner once in a while when my usual lunch partner is not around. But they have grown up - and we have aged.

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