Wednesday, January 19, 2005

McD Club: January 2005

After a long pause, the McD Club convened again in the most hip place in Kerteh, the McDonald (where you can either que at the counter, OR que at the drive in outlet, take your food and then join your friends inside).

I was trying to get Haza and Wok (Class of 95), but Wok went back to KL (I know it was an excuse since deep inside he didn't want to sit down at one table with Bobo - jambu rivalry goes very deep, especially if you were vying for the same market - both were in East Wing).

I was also trying very hard to get Fly - so that we could have a small ceremony to celebrate his taking over Fasha's position as the Grand Mufti of all budak koleq of the 90s in Kerteh area (Fly being ujub and riak as usual, self-proclaimed his eminence now that Fasha, one of the pillars of the BRU in 1990, was transferred to KL). But Fly did not make it, couldn't even reach him since I lost his no.

Perhaps because Fasha is no longer around, the moral degradation among PGB's younger staff was getting a bit out of hand that a camp to instill Islamic values was held for them in Kuantan - so I lost another 2 more guys (Shaw and Saiful Zaid - Class of 98).

So in the end - it's the usual crowd (Bobo, Jita, Amon, Nuddin and Cha'ie - Cha'ie from Class of 98 is a new addition, he joined one of the plants here recently), although it was unusual that we didn't discuss sex at all that night.

Bobo spotted a new spiky and short hair, presumably to tiup his new boss whose hair is almost like Bobo's (though much whiter). Jita was summoned back to Kerteh now that his plant is having minor problems (maybe because Jita was not around before, the plant could not survive without him allegedly).

We made three attempts to adjourn from 10.30 pm onwards, but in the end we only left when they closed the outlet. But luckily, unlike the last one, we did not continue chatting up standing until they switched off the lights!

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