Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Mohd Fariz bin Faidzal Haslah and Explorace

Pejal confirmed that they finally decided on what to call their new-born baby. Despite earlier plan to name him after Allen and I, they come to their senses finally.

So it's final - it's Mohd Fariz. I asked why Fariz, to which Pejal answered " least if the boy grew up to be like Pak'E (Fariz Shafizal Jamean, Class of 95, Explorace winner), he can win future Explorace...."

The truth dawned on me instantaneously - poor Pejal and Aini, determined that the baby will not suffer the "vertical deficiency syndrome" they had to carry with them so far - they named him after one of the tallest guys in the Class of 95. In the end, Pejal and Aini exchanged wisdom and good look with a mere question of dimension!

Speaking of Explorace, MCKK is again represented in the race this year, this time by a chap most people in the mid-90s will definitely remember - the tiny Malek (well his name is Mohd Hafiz Ismail from the Class of 96, but he looked like, and sounded exactly like Abang Malek, a janitor in college that people often mistaken him with the older guy - so that's how he got the nickname Malek).

I haven't seen any of the episodes this year, but I hope he will do well.

One wonders why it didn't start with 94 and then continued with 95, now that as if some kind of 'tradition' (ha ha for those who are big and high on this "tradition" thing, perhaps the boys in Prep School should be told they must enter Explorace when they grow up, it's a koleq thing, a batch pride thingy now) is going taking shape with Class of 96 carrying the torch this year.

But then again - we were neither smart nor athletic nor look good on TV, so better stay away from Explorace.

* With Allen bagging Victor Ludrum in 94 and Jita coming close second, one does not wonder why there was no one from this batch on Explorace.... curi phone line, we are expert, planted small bomb or Molotov cocktail, we are pretty good - but not running around looking athletic and acting smart on TV (sigh!)

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