Sunday, January 09, 2005

Centenary Special Pull Out Edition

Now that the euphoria is dying down slowly, I can point out that most major newspapers published a special edition pull out in conjunction with MCKK's 100 Years Celebration. If you think MCKK is so adored and revered that these newspapers published the edition on their own accord, I can gladly tell you you have been living on Pluto.

MCOBA should be congratulated (Hah? Hearing that from me? Put this down in your diary, Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah ha ha) for being able to raise enough sponsorship to pay for that little edition. It must have irked 98% of the employees in Petronas*, but it meant a lot to little people like us who love koleq so much and would not have traded those years spent there with anything in this world (well, a few billions will do).

I think it's a bit redundant if I were to upload the PDF files of the pull out and produce them here again - please go to MCOBA website, Naman '93 did quite a good job (I hope it was not hangat-hangat tahi ayam).

Speaking about the special edition, someone SMSed me (since Bobo has given an ultimatum that I should stop quoting his name lest some people really believe his marriage betul-betul cover line, so I cannot mention his name) that we should be proud that several mentions of our batch members were made in the articles.

Of course without Butterfingers we would only be remembered for failing SPM (and Pejal curi line from Telekom to allow others to make phone calls to as far as Japan) - but we should also be proud of Wong and Gadap, our own little terrorists (no kidding), since MCKK was also credited for producing the country's top terrorists (which might have been Gadap's real ambition since kecik lagi).

Kudos to all of them - terrorists or rockers (as Butterfingers have been described, I don't know what is the most accurate genre that they belong to) or nobody, we all had our fair share of sweat and tears in the cramp Common Room 15 years ago.

* Ha ha I am sure sponsorship of a few thousands is well within Tan Sri's Limits of Authority..... Petronas took a full page ha ha

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