Friday, March 25, 2005

The Sampin(g) Journeys To Kuala

So it begins. We are all converging to KL today from all parts of Peninsular Malaysia (well not the North obviously, there's no point in going down to KL only to drive back to the North) before we make our way to Ipoh, then to Kuala Kangsar.

I can't describe how excited I am, it's once in a life time experience (the fact that there will be gajah around KK adds to the excitement).

I am taking a bus so that I don't have to drive and can read for my exam - but it's also been a while since I last took a bus ride. Jita left his sampin(g) in Kerteh, so I have to collect it from Nazma (the girlfriend) and bring it to KL.

Everyone has already prepared an inventory of CDs that we are going to play in the journey to Kuala - my car has Fazurin, so I bet there'll be some serious karaoke-ing.

Tomorrow is the real event, I have also planned to visit Smash after the procession.

* ps - My office mate was quite amused that I've been on the phone regularly lately to people I call "cikgu", considering at this age I should be the cikgu.

* pps - Will update the blog from KK if I have the connection.

* ppps - Opps kena gi mandi, bus in one hour's time.

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