Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Another One Joining The Other Group

Amon is getting married in 2 weeks' time. This is the very little junior that when I was in Form 5 he was so small he would have passed for a F1 (read Form One, not Formula One). I am still superior to him vertically and horizontally, but when it comes to marriage - he is speeding well ahead of us (that is Jita, Allen, Fadli, Bobo - on and off - the few others who have not graced marriage).

We have styled our regular McD Club for this month as a bachelor's party for Amon, although one cannot begin to imagine what kind of bachelor's party McDonald would allow to take place at its premise, let alone when the premise is in Terengganu. I am still determined that the party must feature something nude (no thanks Jita, we'll be fine without your stripping), but I have to find ways to smuggle it to McD next week.

Good luck to Amon, I wonder what preoccupies would be married man 2 weeks before the big day. Is it the nighty nighty experience, is it the wedding itself? Although I don't belong to the group yet - I am pretty sure I would be tearing my hairs lamenting the ending of my free life as a free man, doing anything and everything I want to do in the free world (which may explain why I am not in the group yet).

I need to go home and fine nude materials for Amon's bachelor's party.