Friday, March 18, 2005

McD Club March 2005 // Amon’s Bachelor’s Party

Focus on the abdomen area

I bet RM100 this will grow by at least 3 inches

In absence of erotic nude photos (yes, there are non-erotic nude photos believe me) or strippers to entertain Amon, we had to bring Ayai as a substitute. Ayai was flown specifically from KL for the Bachelor’s Party (and while he was there on such an official business, he took the opportunity to carry out audit work for Jita’s plant too).

Among the itinerary for the night:

- tips to Amon on what not to do when *ehem ehem* which includes "don’t do whatever Bobo does e.g. at least leave some light on so that *ehem ehem* otherwise jadi macam Bobo *ehem ehem*

- tips on what to do (I had no part in this one) which includes gambir Sarawak (?) (obviously from Bobo!)

- compulsory bad-mouthing of certain individuals in our batch

- compulsory reminiscence of what was it like to feast on Mak Cik Kapet and Noni for full 5 years

- optional discussion on who was actually the bini tua – Mak Cik Kapet or Mak Cik Kemboja?

Amon could not spend the entire night with us, as he had to rush back to his office to complete a bidding proposal, 3 days before his big day. Nuddin came a bit later because he was on a day shift and had to complete an appraisal session with his superior at around 8 pm (I would have cursed my boss for four generations if he ever asked me to do my appraisal at 8 pm!). He looked happy enough that night – so I took it all went well.

I had heard and laughed so many times before at the story about a guy from Nuddin’s batch who was in love with a Mak Cik canteen in 1997 that they ran away together – since we never got tired of it, we went through the story all over again and laughed our heads off all over again.

* As I blog this, I realised I had told the stories, listened to the stories and wrote about the stories so many times, but we never hesitated to repeat everything all over again each time we meet each other.

** Bobo asked this question more than 10 times that night to Amon – “Kenapa kau nak kahwin?”, to which Amon could not answer, although it was very obvious he meant “the same reason you got married – the part where you switch off the light completely”

*** According to Bobo and Ayai (both are married men), XXX belly is a plus point if you are a married man, but not when you are still single. I have consulted a few reference materials to check whether protruding belly gives any advantage to love making and could not find any evidence to support the hypothesis – so I guess the only reason why an XXX belly is a plus point for married men, is because the spouse thinks no other woman would be attracted to you.

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