Thursday, March 10, 2005

SPM 2004

I got tips from sources in Kuala Kangsar on koleq’s results for last year’s SPM. While the country is still in awe of the achievement of this one girl who achieved 17A1s, the big Malay College family does not have a reason to celebrate it seems, for early analysis shows steep drop in quantity compared to the previous year’s results.

The only information I managed to extract so far is the number of straight As and 10A1s. Only 27 got straight As, compared to 40 plus the previous year. Only 4 people scored 10A1s, compared to 9 the previous year.

Although full analysis is not out yet, it is not a good start. I am quite confident the picture is grimmer when the full analysis is out.


Each year many of us wait eagerly for some good news or sign of “recovery” from Kuala, but it’s been a pretty long wait.

Anyway, on a lighter mood, we had only own analysis on the results.

Fadli March 10, 2005 4:41 PM

siapa dapat 17 A1 ???
dont tell me sekarang ni ada orang ambik sampai 17 subject ??

tak de life is it ??

Abon 10/03/2005 04:49 PM

Takpe fadli, kalau ko nak next year ko ambik SPM skali lagi..........

Fadli 10/03/2005 04:42 PM

So kesimpulannya sekali lagi dari analysis kau Rough adalah:

ie babi lagi bijak dari beruk..
so how ?

TUT TUT 10/03/2005 04:59 PM

ie babi lagi bijak dari beruk..

dalam ramai2 yang score tuh, baper percent anjing?
i.e. anjing paling tak bijak? he he he...

Bobo 10/03/2005 05:20 PM

aku rasa laa..

kalau korang quit koleq awal2 mesti dah jadi lebih bijak..
amalina tuh quit TKC ngan STF (how? F1 masuk TKC, F4 masuk STF?) boleh score 17A1..

rugi la korang tak quit koleq..

contoh terdekat..
aweng quit koleq, dapat jadi best student agama SPM skolah die..
so kalau korang, multiply that by 20...

Fadli 10/03/2005 05:43 PM

aku rasa theory Bobo boleh dipakai..
amalina dapat 17A1 sebab dia keluar STF and keluar TKC

so kesimpulannya, suruh anak anak korang masuk Koleq, lepas 1,2 tahun, blah balik sekolah local masing SK Menengah Ulu Tiram ..
then sure score punya dalam exam..

so how ?


As we are approaching the 100 Years Celebration, there have been a lot of discussions on where do we go from here. This one from a friend is pretty interesting:

Bros -

Of course dulu dengan sekarang tak sama, but then what are we celebrating? Are we not celebrating the past? Even in this egroup everyone seems to have a gripe about the present and few want/can to do something about the future. So we dwell in the past, getting further away from the present as we grow older...

Nostalgia is selective memory, but I dare anyone to go to MCKK today and not say things were better then. Even boys who left two years ago say things are worse
now. I only have a gap of fifteen years between my final exeat and now yet decay has quite clearly not been arrested.

Quite obviously many share Azli Jamil's view that more substantial, lasting monuments (and I don't meant statues or the few "nesan Cina" in front of Big School) should be built, but how, and can we do so without any active support from Powers-that-be, etc?

So we end up building little monuments in the hearts and minds of current Collegians because that's the only thing we can afford to do...

Today, Alam Shah has better buildings and facilities, countless MARA colleges have better results, every SPM or PMR results announcement tear MCKK further and further away from academic excellence, we make up nationalistic history to cover up the historical truth behind the foundation of the school, bring rajas on elephants whose ancestors tried to stop our fathers from having a proper education and we fete a few effeminate figures who happen to be current ministers while forgetting the true heroes borne by our classrooms and dorms who die nameless and unmourned.

"Every generation, blames the one before;
And all their frustrations, competing on my door"

Sorry, just willing away the time waiting for Bro Zaim to call

What do you think?

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