Sunday, February 28, 2010

Aiwa Cekong

The other day I went out for lunch with Aiwa. Our office was quite near to each other. Aiwa is at Shah Alam's EPF, within a walking distance to Blue Wave Hotel where Taufik is; which in turn is within a walking distance to where my office is.

Been meaning to catch up with him for a long time but did not have the time.

We went to a Thai restaurant and later was joined by Suri.

Banyaklah joke2 Aiwa sampai tak muat nak letak kat sini.

Tapi yang paling aku kesian, Aiwa mengaku dia nampak "cekong" la ni. "Cekong" adalah bahasa Kelantan bagi "cengkong".

Hari tu Aiwa makan bihun sahaja, dia tak nak makan nasi. Mungkin sebab tu dia nampak cekong.

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