Sunday, February 14, 2010

Loque's Wedding

It's been a while since the last wedding. Obviously, people are busier with the first child going to school at this age, or the answers to spice up night life - not the nitty gritty of being the best man or sorting out batchmates' wedding calendar.

But some of us are really late bloomers (this is not to take cue from klik lucah although bloom may imply something else) - so there are about 20+ of us (rough estimate) who are not yet married. The majority of this group are the UK guys (Chamat, Madad, Allen, Fadli, Che Tam, myself - shit tak kan ini je?), Zadin, La'ba, Cop, Ska, Pak Tuan, KNO (errrr I can't recall anyone else?) and of course Loque.

As if it was a writing on the wall, Loque left this soon-to-become-extinct group on 6th February 2010. There was a buzz of excitement for the last few months as we were all planning to congregate at the wedding.

I actually had a hectic schedule that weekend and by right should have skipped the wedding altogether. Was in Terengganu on Friday and due to a little trauma of driving long distance alone, I took a bus for the one day trip, so arrived in the early morning of Saturday just for the wedding. Was double booked for 3 weddings that day, so had to endure the guilty feeling by turning down all three other weddings especially a morning church wedding that meant quite a lot to somebody.

After a meeting which I turned up 2 hours late and irked everyone, finally I could make way to Jalan Kuching, with the help of GoogleMap! Everyone was stuck in the traffic - called Radin and Epit, both were late so I thought I would have been among the first ones there. Luckily Chibix and Khalid were also stuck in traffic behind me, so we arrived almost at the same time together with Hj Gabai (who came in an MPV tapi dia sorang je dalam MPV tu).

Anyhow, I'll spare you the details - only to highlight a few things:

1) Tungkid sampai dengan songkok baldu lipat & baju batik, the perfect representation of Juara Rakyat (you can see the comments from Facebook on this)

2) Loque completed the wedding with a tarian ronggeng, much to the horror of Cop and Pyan who were sitting nearby, pucat takut kena tarik ronggeng sekali.

3) Ir Gadap Konek did not turn up despite the hype dia nak berkaraoke lagu2 Melayu with Loque

4) Loque dah lupa nama Mejar Capoe ha ha ha

5) Cop is getting married soon too - so beramai2lah kita ke Sabak Bernam in March. Kad jemputan telah didistribute during the wedding.

6) Mpro dapat bergambar dengan idola terkini, Hujan (errr what's the singer's name? Noh?). Aku ingat jambu dia masa UUM because gaya2 orang usik dia, ala2 orang usik dia dengan Afza. Tapi tak logik jugak sbb budak with the full Malay tu nampak putih pulak ha ha. Dah habis ambik gambar semua, baru aku tahu itu adalah the vocalist of Hujan.

7) Khalid masih sempat berkempen. Seperti biasa ha ha.

8) Syeikh Ezrin sempat jugak sampai untuk membacakan doa.

9) Aku sorang saja yang adhere to theme colour i.e. buttery yellow (for Butterfingers, yaa haa). Yang lain semua pakai gasak. Hopefully this will re-build my reputation after a few Yukengkaungongmi incidents.

And macam-mana lagi ha ha.

Food was good, the company was good and especially it was good to see everyone again, after a while. Next destination, Cop's wedding.

ps: Setakat ini, Loque's wedding diberikan taraf 4 bintang berbanding dengan wedding Fido ha ha. Kira setaraf dengan wedding-wedding lain (read here and here) ha ha.

Photos here :-)


  1. takkan dah pressure kot?

  2. sephiyyan9:29 AM

    isk....kenapa takde orang tolak ruff menari dgn raja2 melayu?

  3. pressure yg mana?
    klu pressure tak keep up with kpi blog, memang aaah.

    he he pyan sbb tu aku slalu ada camcorder, utk menyelamatkan dr awkward moment kena ronggeng mcm ni.

    err tp kat pet dulu aku lah yg selalu kena tolak untuk ronggeng ni.

  4. itujuhpuluh6:40 PM

    tolak utk ronggeng tak seterul tolak utk t.......g..hehe

  5. itujuhpuluh6:55 PM


  6. Anonymous5:57 PM


    selamba ko buat lawak camtu kat noni ..