Sunday, February 28, 2010

Biggest Losers Reunion

1) Biggest Losers Reunion took place last weekend.

2) It was on the brink of being derailed, because the person who was supposed to pick up the key to Chamat's house in Bukit Jelutong, did not pick up the key earlier. In the morning, he fetched the key late and the people who came early with food etc. had to wait for half an hour before the gate was opened.

3) Luckily no commotion happened and no point deducted either (ha ha).

4) The attendance was within the normal satisfactory region (40+ batch members). Some of the usual suspects were not around but understandably so, given the long weekend and all.

5) Gabai sent cute cupcakes. It was so cute I decided to make it as mast head for this blog :-)

6) Everything went well, people came in batches but most stayed throughout. The biggest catch was Muta, who drove all the way from Penang for this (ha ha Awie mesti maki aku - yeap, as not to offend Md Shah, Awie too drove all the way from KT for this). So bonus points to Leman and Md Shah ha ha.

7) We had already decided to cut down the cost from the original RM45 per head to RM30 per head, since in all previous reunions, we had to throw too much food. Not only that RM30 per head was enough to cover for the children and spouses (the policy really discriminates singles like me ha ha), we still were left with so much food in the end.

8) We don't know how low we can sink when it comes to being cheapskate. We had been downgrading from hotel to golf club to restoran mamak to someone's porch. I think we are aiming for public park after this (Note 1).

9) Pengundian AJK Batch did not take place as expected, since nobody wanted to challenge Khalid. So we decided to change to US presidential system, we voted only the president, he shall appoint his cabinet. Even so, nobody entered the race so Khalid won without contest. He finally had the chance to deliver his speech that he had practised each night (Note 2).

10) Likewise, upacara mengukur berat masing2 untuk Biggest Losers pun tak menjadi, sebab semua nak jadi SPR sendiri and announce berat sendiri. Sebab aku tak berani nak paksa takut kena lanyak, kita kena cari jalan lain nak ukur berat heavyweights budak batch ni, Tapi Aiwa cakap berat dia 134 kg.

11) Epit, seperti biasa, buat untung lagi. Akaun dia tak declare kat sapa2, tapi kami syak sebab dia aturkan program tiap2 bulan (ada bowling la, basketball la, nak Pesta Buah2an di Janda Baik la), semua untung buat reunion dia beli blackberry & bayar duit ansuran Grandis tiap2 bulan (ha ha Kak Yong mesti langsing aku ni)

Nota 1:
I think it is not so much about the money, but freedom to sit down with friends for as long as possible and the kids to run around. Looking back, we never held anything at hotels because the idea that you dress up and go to expensive hotel just to meet the batchmates you have known for ages, just seems ridiculous to some of us. Sometimes, people choose to hold events at hotels, especially for alumni gathering, to impress each other the way high school reunions in the US take place. Considering how under achieving every one is (or that nobody is going to be impressed with anybody), we thought we are better off saving the penny and concentrate on getting more people to come. Substance over form, ha ha.

Nota 2:
This whole idea about re-election of batch president was a parody initiated by Khalid. At the height of MCA fiasco, he asked for an EGM too, so that a new line up could be elected. True to our habit of taking a micky out of anything, it went ahead with his appearance at many functions and gathering to canvass support, although the other "micky" contender (Fadli, with his campaign that revolves around seluar mandi flourescent masa F1) had pulled out a long time ago. 


  1. serius lawa giler ah cupcakes tuh. gabai beli kat mana eh ?

  2. tu ah..

    aku nak pirate kan lah

  3. Anonymous10:59 AM

    for the record. cupcakes disumbangkan oleh Hj Gabai dan isteri, Puan Lisa.

    trivia: anak sulung gabai nama aiman adalah new year baby dan telah masuk akhbar the star pada 1 januari tersebut. anak dia fanatik keretapi.


  4. Anonymous1:50 PM

    puan lisa yang buat, if i m not mistaken..


  5. anak aku makan crest koleq tu je; then letak balik baki cupcake kat dulang tu balik... banyak lak tu dia tibai.. hahaha

  6. radin,

    anak kau hyper hari tu. sebab makan crest tu la kot.biasa dia diam je, itu hari nak jadi monster la...