Friday, February 26, 2010

Notice Board @ Foyer: Esok Pemilihan AJK, Compulsory Attendance

Tomorrow is the simple reunion that Epit, Idzam, Chamat, Mattop and others have been arranging. I usually feature prominently in any of the planning of all the reunions before.

But time changes and we are swept by the changes too. I barely have the time to read batch emails nowadays. At certain intervals, Googlegroups sends a summary to the Blackberry and I browsed through quickly, making a mental note on which ones to reply later on. Late at night, before sleep I'll try to reply to some.

Of course replies that come when all others are going to bed (or asleep) are not as fun. We used to shoot emails as if we were chatting, especially at the height of Carey Award race between 2006 and 2008. (Ha ha while we will not try to defend that a lot of office hours went down the drain during those days, some of us were promoted as well and accomplished certain things in our career while scoring points in the inter-house spamming competition).

So, tomorrow's reunion is important (at least to me personally). It's to remind us of the one group of people whom we should keep close to us, even when we traverse the different paths in this life. It is to remind us that we should make time for people who are important to us.

I take comfort that the reunion group in the batch is the seasoned lot, so they must have sorted out everything by now. The tent is going up tonight (Chamat sms me just now). The only thing I had to do is to pick up the key from Chamat's brother tomorrow, because Chamat is in Helsinki and will only land midday tomorrow.

Among others, we'll carry out the official weighing of representatives from each house for the Yengko's Biggest Losers. Aiwa cannot make it because his wife is at the end of pregnancy (jangan salah sangka, wife dia yang pregnant, bukan dia), but even if he is around, we cannot weigh him anyway because my scale is only up to 120 kg. He has confided his weight to me so we'll assign a number to it - sebab Ahmad wajib hantar Aiwa for Yengko's Biggest Losers.

I am still thinking how are we going to conduct pemilihan AJK Batch baru. Definitely we need a husting session specifically for Khalid, but my guess is semuanya menang tanpa bertanding ha ha.

Whatever it is, I can't wait. Will blog real time and upload some photos immediately tomorrow. Wait for the videos masa timbang peserta Yengko's Biggest Losers and Khalid's acceptance speech sebagai president batch yang baru (ha ha).

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  1. Really sorry guys..tried to come but mmg tak leh.. was out of town . pagi jumaat dah bertolak ke selatan