Monday, June 28, 2010

1Clifford1Malaysia vs 1MC1Malaysia

The rivalry between MCKK and Clifford went a long way back. In sports, we have seasons. There were times we used to win unchallenged against Clifford (especially in hockey, rugby, football though as we go along the list lessens and they overtake us), but they were games which had always seen a healthy fight (well, at least back then) such as rowing.

So it's not surprising that Clifford would want to emulate MCKK. Very rarely it's the other way around (ha ha).

Unfortunately, we live in interesting time so for the first time in so many years, MC was caught red-handed copying Clifford ha ha.

What is more unfortunate that the attempt was feeble and clearly Clifford won hands down. 

MCKK in the past was well protected from the seasonal political flavour so we live relatively in an environment free from slogans and propaganda.

But that was in the past ha ha.

Anyway, I wonder whether Bobo and Co. could do a better job? Especially if you rope in Mpro ;-)

And the winner is........ 1Clifford Clifford Maju Terus Maju, Pelajar Didahulukan Pencapaian Diutamakan!


  1. haha, abg raf. i took this picture masa speech day. i was shocked because on the way to koleq, i saw clifford's punya so-called motto tu and kutuk2 la that slogan. when i reached koleq, i was really shocked to see this 1Malaysia thingy replacing the 100-year logo on the great wall.

  2. ARGGHHHHHH!!!!1ONE!!!!!!!!!!ELEVEN!!1111!!!

    - disturbed person -

  3. nagger1:23 PM

    apsal ??//slashslash//?

  4. dulu, kini dan selamanya

  5. Clifford mana boleh claim 1Clifford. Ada lagi satu Clifford di Kuala Lipis.

  6. Anonymous12:48 AM

    MCKK = Menengah Clifford Kuala Kangsar..

  7. Anonymous6:22 PM


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