Sunday, June 06, 2010


I received a call from Cikgu Nuraini this morning, inviting me to a tahlil for her late husband (Arwah Wan Hashim, Class of 76) tomorrow afternoon at Bukit Jelutong. Will be meeting Mr Anand, Cikgu Yatie and Mr Zaidi who also happen to live in Bukit Jelutong and all of them used to be in MCKK circa 1990 - 1994 (Chamat also lives in Bukit Jelutong but... he he)

Anyway, Cikgu Nuraini (TKC Class of 76) used to write to me almost fortnightly when I was in the UK until one point when I was very bad at replying (we are talking about snail mail here). So I went digging for all the cards and her correspondences throughout the years (I was an archive geek even before I became an accountant, so I have all the cards and correspondences filed since 1992. I have a few volume of files at my parent's place but I keep some of the cards here in KL).

Going through the cards reminded me of how blessed I have been; surrounded by friends who have been by my side all along even as they traveled far and wide. Fadli never forgets to send a card from all his travels around the world.

Back in Morrison, every morning after breakfast (before we go to class) the Housemaster would sort out the mails by calling out our names. I think budak koleq always came top in the house chart of the ones with most mails each week ha ha.

This year's Aidilfitri posting will be quite different as I am going to scan all the raya cards and postcards ever sent by batchmates throughout my years abroad (these buggers stopped sending me cards once I came back ha ha).

But for a start, these four cards are a good reminder of the great friendship we had for the last 20 years. We are all grown ups now, we carry different burdens and scars but to look back and remember what a wonderful journey it has been, I cannot thank Allah enough for that fateful day on 6 January 1990.

This is Chamat's bon voyage card on 10 January 1995, at the old Subang airport.

Madad's substitute for a raya card in our A-Level year

  One of Fadli's many postcards as he traveled the world, taunting me since I don't like sight-seeing

Fazurin's many postcards as he spent most of his summer holidays year after year learning the culture and languages of Europe. For the record, Fazurin speaks 8 languages (at last count).


  1. walawei giler lama ko simpan
    make sure ko scan semua sekali
    manalah tau kita nak bukak yengkoz museum ke kan
    fazurin jadi kuratornya pak! haha

  2. chamat11:42 AM

    amboi, sempat juga nak sindir aku ya :P

  3. ha ha tak de la sindir...



    You live in Bukit Jelutong but spends most of the time in Beijing, so you are not available.

    Oit when r u coming back, nak catch up with Mr Anand + Cikgu Yatie.

    And how's the smuggling going?

    (errr this should go to email instead)

  4. ps: ha ha aku baca balik ur card, twice u mention prayers ha ha ha.

    ni ala2 aku still pres bru la kot ha ha.