Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lost In Transition

It is a stage where everything is in transition as we leave one chapter to move on to the next chapter. Moving on is bound to happen, only fools don't move on.

Class of 94 has been rather active on the ground of MCKK since 2004 when we came back for our 10-year reunion. Bit by bit we were drawn in, from one project to another and the enterprise expanded.

6 years (and a few babies later), we come to a point where it's only natural that we move on. Partly because we are exhausted, partly because other things require more attention, partly because the idealism that had brought us to where we were in 2004 took a different turn as we traversed the journey.

This blog has served as an unofficial journal of many of the escapades and enterprises with the people in Kuala Kangsar - most (if not all) were based on a very naive premise ha ha. If we go back to the posting of the past 6 years, a large majority of them revolve around MCKK.

So here we are at a crossroad and in transition.

I suppose we were at this transition when we walked out of the gate on 14 November 1994 (was it?). Some people hang around a bit longer and took a while to move on, so they did come back to OBW in the first few years (ha ha don't ask how many of us come back nowadays, our conspicuous absence year after year is scandalous).

For Fadli, Allen, Jita, Fazurin, Chamat, Madad, Muta and myself (plus a few others), the previous transition was very easy and abrupt, because we left the country very earlier on. We moved on so quickly because we were busy with A-Levels, getting used to the awkwardness of changing room of a public school after a hockey/rugby game (ha ha), jostling for a place at university, various "Vanessa Tells All" getting over teenage angst etc. etc.

We remained very close as a batch but the MCKK identify worn off very quickly too. The process to detach from MCKK happened very fast that after a few years MCKK became quite a distant memory.

More or less, we arrive at a similar junction now.

In 3 weeks' time, the hockey team will compete in the national tournament for SBP in Ipoh. That will be our last hockey game following MCKK team and with it, it puts an end to any sort of involvement we have had with MCKK since September 2003.

We withdrew from F1 team earlier, followed by the debating team. We have channeled our zakat to different avenues beginning this year and in all frankness, I do not see myself conducting the scholarship workshop this year. The boys just have to find it the hard way, after all the boys before them did pretty well without our presence (I came across a few decent guys from Class of 03 in spite of the parang reputation ha ha, though they did not benefit from any of the attention showered onto the latter batches).

It has been rough and it's not that we were broken-hearted or anything (after all, this is a batch which has a "Yengko Wuz Ere" inter-house competition ha ha), it's a nice spot from which we can move on. And any transition can only be smooth if you commit to a full transition, severing as much connection as possible because you need to move on without getting stuck and the people after you need the complete freedom to do the job (ha ha Pak Lah mesti setuju ni! ha ha).

After all, some time in the near future, the leadership in MCKK will change and hopefully things will improve for the better too. Our existence and roles will become less and less relevant by then.

And I am sure we'll always find new things to put up here as some of the readership here revolves around MCKK. We may not attract people interested in MCKK anymore, but there'll always be new geeks dropping by (for example, the batch is now discussing about the merit of staring at genitalia - that surely will attract a lot of weirdos ha ha).


  1. Anonymous9:21 PM

    getting used to the awkwardness of changing room of a public school after a hockey/rugby game (ha ha)

    aku tak faham, ape kaitannye dengan korang berlapan?

  2. closure, yey!